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Date: Mon 12 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel building homes not PLO building bombs! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

For many weeks now Prime Minister Sharon has publicly and privately urged
you to incorporate into your "Road Map" the demand that the PLO withdraw
their phony claim of a "right of return" to Israeli land. You have
dismissed Prime Minister Sharon's concerns on this issue which I think is
a grave error. You not only show disrespect for Israel's leaders by
imposing the Quartet's dictates but you also commit a profound strategic
mistake. By refusing to publicly express America's rejection of the PLO's
false claim for a right of return you encourage PLO extremists to believe
that you will eventually acquiesce on it. That increases prospects for
terror and diminishes prospects for peace.

Secretary of State Powell has followed your lead on this road map of
errors. In Jerusalem on 5/10 Secretary Powell said of the PLO's bogus
claim for a 'right of return' that: "If that becomes an upfront issue
then it will complicate progress." But your road map does not hesitate to
make an "upfront issue" of opposing the Jewish right of return to their
historical and Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. Why are you bold
enough to oppose the Jew's legitimate right of return but too reticent to
oppose the PLO's bogus counter claim?

This is not evenhanded. What is worse the balance your road map proposes
is that Jews stop building homes where families can live and that the PLO
stop building bombs that make people die. Your road map views with moral
equivalency the Israelis who promote life and the PLO who promote death.
That is why your road map is not a path to peace. Rather it is a
confusing path of fuzzy morality endangering not only Israel but also
undermining the moral clarity necessary for America to win its own fight
for survival against international Islamic terror.

Please demonstrate your wisdom integrity as well as a minimal degree of
respect for Israel's Prime Minister Sharon as you voice loud and clear
America's rejection of the PLO's plan to use their false claim of a 'right
of return' to destroy Israel demographically.





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