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Date: Fri 16 May 2003
Subject: Support Israeli ally AGAINST terror not Saudi allies OF terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

This coming week you are scheduled to meet with Israel's Prime Minister
Sharon. Based on unsympathetic and even hostile statements against
Prime Minister Sharon made by your spokesmen this week it is clear that
you plan a confrontational meeting with Israel's leader. I think you are
wrong to do so.

Weakening Israel strengthens Islamic terror and reduces America's chances
for success in its own battle for survival against Islamic terror. We
will not succeed in purchasing the good will of Islamic terrorists by
selling out Israel. We will only whet their appetite for more successes
and encourage international Islamic terror to take on bigger American

When you speak to the press beside Prime Minister Sharon in Washington
this coming week please publicly support his demand that before anything
else is discussed the PLO must first destroy their terrorist
infrastructure and publicly withdraw their phony claim for a "right of
return." These are elemental issues which expose the PLO's true agenda of
destroying Israel. You should literally and figuratively stand shoulder
to shoulder with Prime Minister Sharon on these matters. Otherwise you
are giving winks and nods of approval to the PLO's often declared plan of
destroying Israel in stages.

If when Israel's leader comes to visit you show him any less warmth and
support than you showed the Saudis when you invited them to your ranch in
Texas it would be unfortunate to say the least. The Saudis fund
international Islamic terror and Israelis fight it. For you to
demonstrate more public sympathy and support for Saudi leaders than you do
for Israeli leaders undermines America's own struggle against Islamic
terror. That is a course of action that is neither wise nor moral. It
will not win over the Islamic terrorists bent on Israel's and America's
destruction but it will alienate many Americans who have supported you
until now.





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