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Date: Thu 22 May 2003
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Support_Israel:_Without_Sincere_Arab_Efforts_Toward_Peace_A_=93Road_Map=94_to_Disaster_(VIPAC)?=

Dear Sir:

I am extremely concerned at your insistence that Israel accept the so
called “Road Map for Peace” before the Arabs make serious confidence
building steps. Although Israel took some small steps to ease the Arab
situation in Judea and Samaria without compromising the security of its
citizens the Palestinians launched a new wave of attacks. The pattern of
disaster is continuing. Every time the Israelis make a concession the
Arabs respond with increased violence. Rewarding this Arab behavior with
concessions is counter-productive.

It is not Sharon and Israel that should be making confidence building
gestures. Abu Mazen the Holocaust denier is the one who needs to build
the confidence of the Israelis. He needs to take action to destroy the
terrorists. I'm sure you have noticed that incitement to kill Israelis
and to destroy the State of Israel has not ended. There is no movement by
educators to take the incitement out of palestinian text books. It's time
to stop asking Israel to make concessions and instead put the onus
squarely on the palestinians where it belongs.

Arafat is still in charge of the terrorist groups. Despite the appointment
of a palestinian prime minister Arafat has remained in charge of the
security agencies of the palestinian Authority. Hamas and Islamic Jihad
are still openly calling for the fighting against Israel to continue.
Shouldn't these groups be destroyed? Shouldn't Arafat be removed as
Saddam Hussein was? Why the double standard with regard to the terrorism
that Israel faces?

I urge you to support Israel in its war against the Arabs. Until the Arabs
show a sincere effort toward peace the “Road Map” will only lead to more
bloodshed and disaster.

Respectfully yours

Thanks to Efrem L. for assistance with this letter.




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