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Date: Mon 26 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Appeasing Arab Terror threatens US!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On this Memorial Day when we respectfully remember those who gave their
lives to protect America more American soldiers were killed and wounded
in Iraq by Islamic terrorists. I believe this tragically demonstrates the
flaw in your policy of imposing upon Israel a "road map" of appeasement of
the Islamic terrorists in the PLO. By rewarding PLO terrorists with the
concessions your administration has wrung out of Israel you encourage
Islamic terrorists everywhere and endanger all Americans including those
killed and wounded this Memorial Day in Iraq.

It is appropriate for you to lay wreaths at the tombs of Arlington
National Cemetery on Memorial Day. It is not appropriate however to
continue following the Quartet's "road map" of appeasement of Islamic
terror. That only makes the deaths of more Americans at the hands of
those terrorists more likely to continue. That will only increase the
number of American heroes you will need to honor next Memorial Day.

Your "road map" of appeasement of PLO terrorists is based on the premise
that by selling out Israel you will purchase Islamic favor. After 9/11
that premise can only be maintained by those too foolish or fearful to see
the true dimensions Islamic terror. As such it dishonors those Americans
living and dead who were neither too foolish nor too fearful to do their
duty to keep America safe.

Please resolve this Memorial Day to end your appeasement of the PLO's
Islamic terror. Demonstrate to Islamic terrorists all over the world
including those still killing our soldiers in Iraq that there is no
profit in their program of Jihad. You can do this most directly by
supporting Israel's right to protect its citizens and its sovereignty in
its Biblical and historical heartland of Judea Samaria Jerusalem the
Golan Heights and Gaza.





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