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Date: Fri 30 May 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Don't repeat costly US errors appeasing PLO!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Islamic terrorists are continuing to kill American soldiers in Iraq. Your
"road map" rewards the PLO's Islamic terrorists and thereby encourages
Islamic terrorists everywhere including those killing our soldiers in
Iraq. Therefore you should stop forcing Israel down the Quartet's "road
map" not so much because it endangers Israelis but because it endangers
and kills American soldiers.

Let me remind you of a section in the first volume ("The Gathering Storm"
pages 6-11) of Winston Churchill's five volume history of World War II.
Perhaps you read it so long ago that you have forgotten it. But it is
worth remembering because it illustrates how mistakes made by Britain and
the US after World War I particularly their insistence that international
assurances were more important than secure borders paved the way for
World War II. That is the same mistake you are now making with the
Quartet's "road map" and therefore the lessons from this bit of history
are particularly timely and important.

"On Armistice Day....Marshal Foch Gerneralissimo of the
Allies....demanded that the French frontier should henceforth be the
Rhine...The Rhine the broad deep swift-flowing Rhine once held and
fortified by the French Army would be a barrier and a shield behind which
France could dwell and breathe for generations. Very different were the
sentiments and views of the English-speaking world without whose aid
France must have succumbed. [As a result of those British and American
views] the territorial provisions of the Treaty of Versailles [signed in
1919] left Germany practically intact...When Marshal Foch heard of the
signing of the Peace Treaty of Versailles [and depriving France of a
secure border on the Rhine] he observed with singular accuracy: This is
not Peace. It is an Armistice for twenty years." [World War II began in

"France had been bled white by the [First World] War...It was a haggard
France that greeted the dawn of victory. Deep fear of Germany pervaded
the French nation on the morrow of their dazzling success. It was this
fear that had prompted Marshal Foch to demand the Rhine frontier for the
safety of France against her far larger neighbor. But the British and
American statesmen held that the absorption of German-populated districts
in French territory was contrary to the Fourteen Points and to the
principles of nationalism and self-determination upon which the Peace
Treaty was to be based. They therefore withstood Foch and France. They
gained Clemenceau by promising: first a joint Anglo-American guarantee
for the defense of France; secondly a demilitarized zone; and thirdly
the total lasting disarmament of Germany. Clemenceau accepted this in
spite of Foch's protests and his own instincts."

President Bush we all know now in retrospect that this American and
British "road map" to deny France a secure border on the Rhine was a
disaster. It was a road map that led directly to the terrible devastation
of World War II. Substitute the Jordan River for the Rhine Arab-occupied
cities in Judea and Samaria for the German-occupied Rhineland and the
Arab nations as the larger menacing neighbor and you have America and
Britain repeating the same mistake with Israel right now that they made
with a financially strapped France at the end of World War I.

The Quartet's "road map" is already littered with too many dead American
soldiers killed by the Islamic terrorists in Iraq who have been
encouraged by the "road map's" appeasement of their kindred spirits in the
PLO. Please Mr. President end this road map of appeasement of Islamic
terror before it leads to a disaster on the scale of World War II.

Please Mr. President don't forget 9/11. Please put an end to the
appeasement of Islamic terror before Islamic terror puts an end to all of
us. You can do that most effectively by renouncing the Quartet's road map
of appeasement of Islamic terror and endorsing the Bible's road map of
sovereignty for the people of Israel in all the land of Israel including
Judea Samaria Jerusalem the Golan Heights and Gaza.





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