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Date: Wed 4 Jun 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Road Map To Peace or War

Dear Sir:

I am concerned that the path we are taking in promoting the “Road Map” to
peace will bring disaster not only to Israel but to our country as well. I
urge you to stop pursuing this path.

The so called “Road Map” to peace in the Middle East will be treated by
the Arabs as a way of obtaining additional concessions from Israel without
making any meaningful steps on their own to stop the terror murder and
aggression against the Jewish State and the democratic world. The Arabs
have targeted the West and are using Israel as the first step toward their
design for world domination.

In an article entitled “On Ignoring Anti-Semitism” in the October 2002
edition of Commentary Magazine Ruth R. Wisse writes: “Israel had to be
gritty; otherwise it would not exist. Nevertheless in the 1990’s it too
began to tire under the perpetual assault. In systematic and sustained
terrorism the Arabs discovered the first weapon that really works against
a democracy destroying the trust the openness of an open society and
exploiting its precious freedoms to expose its acute vulnerability. Here
once again Israel has served as a test case. How well can democracies
withstand this new form of all-out foreign aggression? We know from the
past that the West paid dearly for ignoring Hitler’s war against the Jews.
One can only hope it will not pay as dearly for having ignored or
underestimated for so long the Arab war against Israel and the Jews.”

We have tolerated Arab attacks against Israel for many years. We advised
the Jewish State to use caution in responding to these attacks. Was this
attitude instrumental in encouraging Arab terrorists to attack our
embassies our ships our cities and our citizens?

The Road Map will not succeed unless the Arabs follow through with
concrete and all encompassing steps toward peace. These steps must include
teaching their children the merits of coexistence with their Jewish
neighbors instead of teaching them to be suicide bombers and murderers.
They must disarm and disband all the terrorist militias. They must
recognize the right of the Jewish State to coexist along side 22 other
Arab states. The Arabs must develop the trust of the Israelis and the
world. Until they do we cannot grant any recognition to their methods and
actions. We cannot promote any “Road Map” until they do more than just
supply some “confidence building” measures.

And what must We as citizens of free societies do? We must attack all
those who seek to destroy the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. We must seek to protect all citizens of the world from the
anarchistic threats of terrorists and from the evil of renegade societies
such as that of Yasir Arafat and his PLO authority.

What happens to Israel will be an indication of our country’s value and
mark on history. We must stand firm against the Arab threat to this nation
and ours. I urge you to stop the “Road Map.”

Respectfully yours




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