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Date: Sun 8 Jun 2003
Subject: Support Israel not Quartet's Road to Hell of PLO Terror Sanctuary!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Regarding the Quartet's Middle East Road Map your National Security
Advisor Condoleezza Rice said on June 8 that: "The president made very
clear that he expected that compliance would be on both sides and that he
was prepared to say who was complying and who was not."

Mr. President I wish that were true but unfortunately it is not. Even
though you have lowered the bar on expectations for PLO compliance you
are still not prepared to clearly place blame on the PLO when they
continue to fail to meet those newly lowered expectations.

For example Israel recently opened the Erez crossing checkpoint in Gaza
because of your pressure for Israeli concessions. Hamas Islamic Jihad
and Fatah's Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade joined forces on June 8 to take
advantage of that opening to murder four Israeli soldiers. Abbas has
arrested no one for this terrorist crime even though as a commander of
the Fatah group which participated in it he is in a great position to
find out who was responsible. This is not compliance with your vision for
peace in the region yet you do not say so.

Blood curdling anti-Semitic and anti-American sermons are still being
broadcast by official PLO media sources. PLO textbooks for school
children still encourage hatred of Jews and Judaism glorify
suicide-bombing of Israeli civilians and show no map of the Middle East
that contains a country called "Israel" of any size or shape. None of
this is in compliance with your vision of peace yet you do not condemn
Abbas for allowing it to continue under his "new" leadership.

Please end your refusal to confront and punish Abbas and the PLO for their
acts of Islamic terrorism. Support Israel's fight for survival against
the PLO's campaign of Islamic terror. Please do so not only for Israel's
sake and not only because it is morally correct historically just and
Biblically mandated. But do so because you have learned from 9/11 that a
sanctuary for Islamic terrorism anywhere is a strategic threat to America
that you will not underestimate tolerate ignore or reward.





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