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Date: Tue 10 Jun 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Rebuke PLO terror not Jews' self-defense! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On June 8 five Israeli soldiers were murdered by the PLO. They were
given the capacity to do so largely because you forced Israel to relax
security controls. Yet neither you nor your spokesmen said you were
"deeply troubled" or even "troubled" by these Israeli deaths.

On June 10 Israel retaliated by trying to eliminate Rantisi a vicious
leader of Hamas. That same day you told reporters in the Oval Office
that: "I am troubled by the recent Israeli helicopter gunship attacks."
Your spokesmen went further and said you were "deeply troubled" by
Israel's acts of self defense.

Mr. President I think you have it backwards. The deaths of the five
Israeli soldiers on June 8 should trouble you very much. Their blood
should be on your conscience because it was your demand that Israel ease
PLO travel restrictions which caused their deaths.

But Israel's self defense against Islamic terror on June 10 should not
trouble you at all. It is not different from America's war on the Taliban
in the wake of 9/11 and is equally justified if not more so. Because if
America has the right to go half way around the world to fight Islamic
terror surely Israel has the right to do so in its own back yard.

Your silent acquiescence of Arabs murdering Jews on June 8 followed by
your public protestations of being "troubled" by Jews fighting back to
protect themselves on June 10 are elements of a poor policy. They
appease and encourage Islamic terrorists everywhere. After 9/11 I would
think that is something your administration would wish to avoid.





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