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Date: Thu 26 Jun 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy Hamas PLO PA and all terror gangs! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Wednesday June 25 you said: "Europe and America will stand together
for a Middle East that will have a just and comprehensive peace. Progress
toward this goal will only be possible if all sides do all in their power
to defeat the determined enemies of peace such as Hamas and other
terrorist groups."

Those are fine words but they are incomplete. By failing to explicitly
name the Palestinian Authority which is still mostly run by Arafat you
suggest that their acts of terror against Israel are somehow less
repulsive than those of Hamas. That is not the case.

Just a few days ago Fatah's Al Aksa brigade publicly claimed "credit" for
the murder of a seven year old Jewish girl. That is no less despicable
than the genocide bombers of Hamas. Therefore Fatah and its parent
groups--the PLO and PA--must be completely destroyed and you must be bold
enough to call for that publicly just as you do for Hamas and Al Qaeda.
Otherwise Islamic terrorists everywhere including those currently
murdering American soldiers in Iraq will be encouraged to believe that
your administration may yet appease them instead of defeating them.





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