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Date: Fri 4 Jul 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: The Road Map Begins But the Terror Does Not Stop!!

Dear Sir:

There are eight Arab countries along side one Jewish country in the Middle
East. By following the Road Map to Peace in the Middle East the Israelis
are risking their lives and their country. The Arabs are not risking

The Israelis have recently pulled back from areas of the Gaza Strip and
from the city of Bethlehem. The Arab response has been violence. The July
3rd edition of the Israel National News reported the following: 8 bombs
were fired at Kfar Darom and N'vei Dekalim yesterday and last night 4
people were wounded by shrapnel shots were fired at IDF soldiers several

Is this the Arab response to concessions from Israel?

We Americans would not tolerate even one day of such a “peace.” How can we
ask Israel to sit still while their citizens are being attacked? Would we
sit still while Americans were being attacked and murdered?

Yes taking chances for peace especially after one hundred year’s of war
with the Arabs is worth a risk. But are the Arabs doing their share?

Will the Arabs stop the incitement in the media and in the schools? Will
they stop teaching their young to be suicide bombers?

Will the Arabs disarm the terrorists and murderers?

Will the Arabs allow free access to religious shrines of other religions?
Will they grant religious freedom to Christians and Jews?

Recent pictures of Jews making a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Joseph in
Shechem (Nablus) showed total destruction of the shrine. Is this the Arab
answer to Oslo to Aquaba to the Road Map?

Teaching and preaching tolerance to others should have begun in 1993 with
the start of Oslo. The Arab professionals and Moslem clerics are leading
the way toward intolerance. The teaching of tolerance should be the first
step toward peace. Not the last as in the Arab version of the peace
process. Before there can be peace the peoples of the region must learn to
trust each other.

The Arabs have done nothing to earn the trust of the Israelis and the rest
of the world. But for some strange reason everyone urges Israel to make
more concessions at the expense of the security of their people.

I am still waiting for the Arabs to go toward the road of peace. It is not
the Israelis who have to prove that they want peace. It is the Arabs who
must prove they want peace with the State of Israel and not pieces of the
State of Israel.

I urge you to put an immediate halt to the Road Map until the Arab
governments take concrete action against Hamas Islamic Jihad and the
other terrorist murderers until they change the curriculum of the schools
to show a tolerance for other nations and other religions. Not later! Now!
For unless they prove that they are interested in coexistence until they
demonstrate that they can be at peace with their neighbors they have no
place in the Middle East.

Respectfully yours




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