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Date: Sat 5 Jul 2003
Subject: Support Israel's fight on terror! End Roadmap Appeasement!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On July 4 at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton Ohio you
said the following: "The United States will not stand by and wait for
another attack or trust in the restraint and good intentions of evil men.
We are on the offensive against terrorists and all who support them. We
will not permit any terrorist group or outlaw regime to threaten us."

That is a fine policy which is why I find it absurd that you do not
permit Israel to follow it. Your administration has repeatedly criticized
Israel and threatened it with sanctions when Israel goes "on the
offensive against terrorists and all who support them." You have forced
Israel to accept the Quartet's "road map" making Israel "stand by and
wait for another attack" while placing its "trust in the restraint and
good intentions of evil men" of the PLO who have already killed thousands
of innocent Israelis as well as dozens of American citizens.

Since the fight against Islamic terror is indivisible what is bad for
either America or Israel in this regard is bad for both. When your
administration rewards Islamic terrorists in Israel their terrorist
brethren in Iraq are encouraged. Indeed the pace of attacks and murders
of American soldiers in Iraq has intensified since you've forced Israel
down the road map of appeasement of Islamic terror.

So please disregard the seductive murmuring of your good friends the
oil-rich Saudi tyrants. By selling out Israel you will not purchase any
good will or respite for America from Islamic terror. On the contrary by
rewarding terror with Israeli concessions demanded by the Quartet's
roadmap you increase the incentive for Islamic terrorists everywhere to
act. And our American troops in Iraq end up paying a tragic and heavy
price for your mistake.

For Israel's sake for America's sake for freedom's sake everywhere let
Israel destroy the terrorist infrastructure of the PLO and stop forcing
Israel down the Quartet's road map of appeasement.





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