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Date: Tue 22 Jul 2003
Subject: Support Israel not Arafat's terrorist lackey Abbas! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The Jerusalem Post reported on 7/21 that: "Security forces operating in
Judea and Samaria thwarted 12 terrorist attacks in the past two weeks most
of them suicide bombings and arrested 29 suspected terrorists a security
official said Monday." Clearly the destruction of the terrorist
infrastructure that Abbas committed himself to as part of your "road map"
has not taken place. Please don't ignore this issue when you meet with
Abbas this Friday in Washington on July 25.

Abbas has repeatedly said that he takes his orders from Arafat. Abbas
has repeatedly pledged never to forcibly disarm the terrorists in Hamas
and the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. Specifically on July 22 in Egypt Abbas
stated publicly that: "Cracking down on Hamas Jihad and the Palestinian
organizations is not an option at all." All this is in direct opposition
to the demands your administration placed upon Abbas as part of your "road
map." Please don't give him a free pass on these issues.

When you speak to Arafat's terrorist lackey Abbas in the White House this
Friday remind him that American soldiers are dying in Iraq at the hands
of Islamic terrorists and that it is not in America's interest to reward
or encourage Islamic terrorism anywhere. Tell him to immediately disarm
the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and the Al Aksa Martyrs or you will
immediately end the 200 million dollar subsidy you send the PLO each year.
Tell him your strongest supporters are abandoning you as you seek
reelection because of the pressure for concessions you have placed on
Israel and that you will not ask Israel for further concessions.

Finally tell Abbas that your father lost his bid for reelection for many
reasons and that one of them was the domestic support he squandered by
pressuring Israel at the behest of Arabs. Tell Abbas when you meet with
him in the White House this Friday on July 25 that you are not about to
commit that same mistake yourself.





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