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Date: Mon 28 Jul 2003
Subject: Support Israel's wall against terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You criticized Israel's defensive wall against PLO suicide bombers in
stark reptilian terms describing it as "snaking through" its path. Why
then have you constructed a wall of cement barricades that is currently
"snaking through" Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House? The
White House fortunately has not suffered a single bombing attack in over
a century while Israel has suffered hundreds of bombing attacks from its
Arab neighbors quite recently. Why then is the White House where you live
allowed to build a defensive wall against Islamic terrorist attacks while
Israel is not?

Your position on Israel's defenses like the rest of your road map of
appeasement is not only hypocritical but harmful as well. It encourages
Islamic terrorists to believe that with enough bloodshed they can
influence your policies. That exposes our troops in Iraq to more danger
injury and death--which our troops continue to suffer at an accelerated
rate to match your escalating appeasement of the PLO.

So please end your journey down the road map of appeasement. Instead
encourage Israel to fight Islamic terror without pause and without
restraint and with every defensive barrier they feel will be effective.
That way the war against Islamic terror will progress on all fronts and
increase American as well as Israeli security all over the world.

Then perhaps things may progress to the point where you can even take
down the wall protecting the White House that "snakes through"
Pennsylvania Ave.





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