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Date: Tue 5 Aug 2003
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Dear Sir:

I am disappointed in the Administration’s less than even handed treatment
of Israel in its “Road Map” policy. The only demand made of the Arab
Palestine Authority to dismantle terror groups is ignored by the
Administration but pressure for more Israeli concessions grows.

Arafat’s Al-Aksa Martyrs attack and wound a mother and her three children.
An Israeli soldier is kidnapped and murdered. Two Israeli teenagers
disappear. Arab terrorist groups are rumored to be rearming including
developing a long range missile to attack Tel Aviv. Arab camps in Gaza
and in Israel are named after suicide murderers.

Israel prepares to release hundreds of terrorists from its prisons and
withdraws from Bethlehem.

There seems to be an unequal response from the parties in this dispute.
The Israelis move toward compromise and the Arabs not only move away from
compromise but continue their war against the Jewish people.

And yet the Administration's response is to criticize Israel and reward
the Arabs. Our Administration should not censure Israel for not doing
enough but punish the Arabs for going backwards. How can we criticize
Israel for building a protective fence between their people and the Arabs?
How can we ask Israel to release more Arab terrorists from its jails? What
have the Arabs done to build the confidence of the Jews that they are
willing to make peace?

The Administration's policy rewards Arab terror and undermines America's
own fight for survival against Islamic terror. More 9/11's are more
likely because of this "Road Map" to appeasement.

I urge you to reverse your policy immediately. Until the Arabs make
concrete steps toward peace and build the confidence of Israel and the
World in their intentions and ability to make peace there can be no
further concessions.

Respectfully yours




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