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Date: Wed 13 Aug 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Road Map to War!

Dear Sir:

The news from the Middle East this week was not about progress toward
peace but rather about death and war. Three Israelis were murdered: one in
the Galilee at the hands or Hezbollah the lackeys of the Iranians and the
Syrians; two in the Israeli center at the hands of different Palestinian
Arab terror militias.

The issue is no longer who can talk for the Arabs. The issue is will there
ever be a responsible Arab government that truly desires peace with Israel
and is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to obtain that peace.

Hillel Halkin in the Tuesday August 12 2003 of The New York Sun wrote in
an op-ed piece entitled “The Strength To Act”: …a supposed national
government claims all the privileges of its status including
international recognition of its sovereignty and territorial integrity
while disclaiming responsibility for armed irregulars operating in and
from that territory against a neighboring country. In Lebanon these
irregulars are Hezbollah. In the Palestinian Authority they are Hamas
Islamic Jihad and various rump factions of the PLO.”

Unless all the Arabs and other interlopers in the region are called to
task there will be no peace. Syria Iran Lebanon and the Arab Palestinian
Authority must act to suppress all armed attacks emanating from the areas
they control or desire to control. If they cannot act responsibly and
maintain the peace at some point Israel will be force to defend its
people and its sovereignty in a no holds barred manner.

As Halkin concludes in his article “What is the point of arduously
negotiating an agreement with a Palestinian (sic Arab) Authority that has
no authority and that will discover at the end of the day that militant
organizations it failed to suppress can block anything it has agreed to?”

I urge you to put a halt to the supposed “Road Map To Peace.” The Arabs
and their Iranian friends are not interested in peace. As this week’s
violence demonstrates they are only interested in the destruction of

Respectfully yours




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