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Date: Tue 19 Aug 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Dare to name and destroy Arab terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You labeled the Islamic suicide bombers in Iraq who killed seventeen
people at the UN headquarters in Baghdad on August 19 as "enemies of the
civilized world." On that same day on a Jerusalem bus carrying Jewish
worshipers returning from the Western Wall a massive Arab terror bomb
murdered at least 20 people including many infants while seriously
injuring over 100 others. Islamic Jihad and Hamas sheltered and
sustained by the PLO took credit for this massacre. They too could be
categorized as "enemies of the civilized world" and I am sure you will
soon describe them in such a fashion.

But that is a rather broad and somewhat nebulous description of these
particular murderers. Your inability to condemn these Islamic terrorist
criminals in more specific terms is something I find disturbing and I
believe Islamic terrorists find encouraging. That is because it conveys
the message that out of deference to the billion Moslems in the world you
will not explicitly condemn nor seriously wage war against the terrorists
among them.

Calling these killers "enemies of the civilized world" is so vague as to
be misleading. These murderers do not choose to kill everyone in the
civilized world randomly. They put a priority on killing Jews and
Americans and their allies. That is because they have a specific agenda
with specific targets precisely because they are Islamic terrorists.

Islamic terror must not be allowed to become so intimidating that even its
intended victims dare not speak its name. Please Mr. President in the
name of thousands of Americans martyred on 9/11 have the courage to call
things as they are. Dare to label and defeat the Islamic terrorists in
Iraq for precisely who they are. Encourage Israel to do the same against
the Islamic terrorists in Judea Samaria Jerusalem and Gaza. That way
you will replace your current road map of appeasement of Islamic terror
with a road map of victory over Islamic terror.





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