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Date: Fri 29 Aug 2003
Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel - Get Rid of Arafat and Evil Arabs

Dear Sir:

The recent murder bombings in Israel have brought an end to the so-called
“Hudna” – cease fire between the Arabs and Jews. Calls for a cessation of
the building of the wall between the Jews and the Arab terrorists must be
brought to an end. With the majority of the Palestinian Arabs supporting
terror the only answer is either to build a wall to keep the murderers out
or sending the Arabs to the already existing Palestinian Arab countries –
Jordan Syria and Lebanon.

America has built a fence on its Mexican border for economic reasons.
America and the World cannot prevent Israel from building a fence to
protect its citizens.

Yasir Arafat is once again raising his ugly head. He has kept the few
Arabs that appear to be seeking peace from taking charge of security in
the Arab administered areas. Arafat’s policies have kept alive the evil
terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas. It is time to
send Arafat and his supporters back to the places that they came from.
They have no place is Israel or its territories.

Israel must be allowed to do whatever it takes to protect its citizens and
make a better and peaceful Middle-East. The answer is not to support the

While America has called for the removal of down security fences in
Israel for the release of prisoners for moderation in reaction against
terrorist attacks the Arabs have continued their terror. In Israel there
are children are being killed maimed and wounded! We must allow the Jews
the freedom to react with the only answer the evil Arab mind understands.

As America approaches the second anniversary of 9/11/01 we must remember
what evil there is in the world and support our true ally – Israel – in
its fight against that evil.

Respectfully yours




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