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Date: Wed 3 Sep 2003
Subject: (VIPAC): Support Israel: Arab Provocations Are a Detriment to Peace

Dear Sir:

I urge you to support Israel in its war against Arab terror. The World
must allow and encourage Israel to physically defend itself against the
non-stop attacks against it by the Arabs.

To condemn Israel for responding to terror is counter-productive and
hypocritical. Israel's enemies have not shown that they are ready for
peace. When they stop teaching children to hate when they show the State
of Israel on their maps when they take real steps to combat terror then
we can call on Israel to show restraint. Until then terror must be fought
with swift and punitive measures. Terror organizations must learn that
the free world will never give in to their tactics.

Under no circumstances should violence be condoned and justified to
resolve grievances and conflicts. The self-defense measures used by the
Israeli military cannot be equated with the terrorism used by Islamic
militants. When Palestinian groups renounce violence and accept peaceful
coexistence the Israeli Defense Forces will be more than willing to
withdraw their troops from Arab neighborhoods. In the meantime Israel has
an obligation to protect its citizens when they are riding buses eating
in restaurants shopping in malls and sleeping in their homes. Israeli
citizens have a right to demand that from their government and their

As reported by James Bennet in the August 20 2003 edition of The New York
Times Dore Gold an advisor to Prime Minister Sharon stated that "Israel
cannot be the perpetual testing ground for peace proposals that the
Palestinians fail to implement."

Israel must be allowed to defend itself from Arab terror. Until the Arabs
and their allies make positive steps to stop the violence and make peace
with Israel there will be no peace. The Israelis have been seeking peace
for over fifty years. The Arabs have yet to join them.

Respectfully yours

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