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Date: Sun 7 Sep 2003
Subject: Support Israel! No more 9/11's for US or Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The recent Islamic terrorist murder bombings around the world have been so
horrific that they should mark an end and a beginning to your
administration's Middle East policy. It should mark the end of your
administration's support for a road map leading to the creation of a PLO
terrorist state. And it should also mark a beginning for your
administration to call on Israel to use its full military might to defeat
and destroy root and branch all traces of Islamic terror among its

Ending the appeasement and the beginning of the total destruction of
Islamic terror among Israel's neighbors is important and urgent. Because
as we approach the second anniversary of 9/11 we should understand that
it is not only an issue of Israeli security but of American security as

Three thousand American martyrs inscribed with their innocent blood on
that black September morning nearly two years ago today a warning that
international Islamic terror was a danger that could not be ignored or
appeased. If you choose to dismiss that warning you vitiate their
sacrifice and violate their sacred memory. If your administration chooses
to appease international Islamic terror by providing it with a sanctuary
and a capital in Jerusalem then the thousands of Americans who died on
9/11 will have truly died in vain.

Instead of that let us as Lincoln said take an increased measure of
devotion to that cause for which three thousand Americans gave their last
full measure of devotion on 9/11. Encourage even demand that Israel
use its full military might for as long as it takes to wipe out all traces
of Islamic terror from Hebron Jenin Nablus Ramallah Tulkarem
Kalkiyeh Gaza and elsewhere. Do so not just for Israel's sake but
for America's sake and for the sake of the sacred memory of over three
thousand American martyrs of 9/11.

Because Islamic terror anywhere threatens Americans everywhere and as
Israel destroys the Islamic terrorist among its neighbors security for
all Americans--from New York to Washington to Bali and to Baghdad--is
thereby enhanced. And a more secure future for all Americans from the
scourge of international Islamic terror is the most fitting tribute to the
American martyrs of 9/11.

Respectfully yours




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