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Date: Tue 16 Sep 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Veto Arafat's ability to murder more! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your veto of the recent UN resolution condemning Israel for
threatening Arafat. However I wish you would take the next logical step
and urge Israel to physically eliminate Arafat and all his fellow Islamic
terrorists right now just as American troops are currently doing in Iraq.
That would make the world a safer place not only for Israelis but for
Americans as well. Because as long as Arafat and his associates remain
alive they will continue with the help of Syrian muscle and Saudi money
to orchestrate massacres of Israelis and Americans.

The recent bus bombing of Jewish worshippers as they returned from praying
at the Western Wall included American citizens among its dead and wounded.
The even more recent bombing of Cafe Hillel which killed so many innocent
Jews in Jerusalem included the American citizens Dr. Applebaum and his 20
year old daughter Nava among its victims. They were having a last
father-daughter chat at their local coffee shop on the eve of her wedding.
The next day instead of getting married Nava was buried next to her
father in a Jerusalem cemetery. The Hamas terror network responsible for
these and other atrocities is sheltered by Arafat and has its
headquarters in Syria.

Pressing Israel as you have done with your "road map" to make
concessions to Arafat's terror does not convince his fellow Islamic
terrorists in Syria to go easier on Americans. Just the opposite. On
Tuesday September 16 John R. Bolton under secretary of state for arms
control gave testimony in a hearing in the House of Representatives that
the same Syrian-sponsored Islamic terror campaign that is killing Israelis
is also responsible for the killing of American soldiers. He testified
that just before and during the war in Iraq this spring Syria "allowed
military equipment to flow into Iraq" and that "Syria permitted
volunteers to pass into Iraq to attack and kill our service members during
the war and is still doing so."

So please spare future Israeli and American lives from the scourge of
Islamic terror by demanding that Israel fight Islamic terror in Judea
Samaria and Gaza by following your example in Iraq. Urge Israel to spare
no effort to physically eradicate Arafat and all his henchmen and
all his Islamic terrorist associates right now. That will send the
correct message to Islamic terrorists all over the world that terrorism
does not pay!





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