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Date: Tue 23 Sep 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Israel Has No Obligation To Create Another Arab State

Dear Mr. President:

I have been a staunch supporter of many of your policies including your
decision to enter Iraq and remove a corrupt and dangerous regime there.
However your recent speech at the United Nations made certain references
to the conflict between the Arabs and Israel with which I cannot agree.

You stated that “the Palestinian people deserve their own state…” There
are already four states in what was Palestine: Syria Lebanon Jordan and
Israel. There is no room for another especially one predicated on the
destruction of another country in the region. The Arabs in Israel and its
territories are free to move to any of the Arab countries in the region.
If they want to live in a country void of Jews they can pick almost any of
the Arab countries in the region. If they want to live in Israel they must
learn to live in peace and accept the existence of a Jewish State.

You also stated that “Israel must work to create the conditions that will
allow a peaceful Palestinian (Arab) state to emerge.” Israel has no
obligation to help create a state that by definition will exclude Jews
from within its borders. Nor does it have an obligation to help create
state that will not allow Jews the right to access their heritage and
practice their religion.

There is no need for another Arab state in Palestine and there is no need
for Israel to help create another enemy state. I urge you to support
Israel and the right of Jews to live through Israel and its territories.

Respectfully yours




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