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Date: Mon 29 Sep 2003
Subject: Support Israel's right to defend Ariel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Ariel is a city of about 20000 Israeli citizens in Samaria. Not a single
Arab was displaced by this city's growth. The land had lain dormant and
abandoned until as prophesied in the Bible and as authorized by the
League of Nations Mandate the Jewish people returned from their forced
exile. Yet despite the legitimacy of Israelis living and building in
Ariel your administration has threatened economic sanctions against
Israel for building defensive walls to protect these Israeli citizens from
Islamic terrorists. I think you are wrong to do so.

I think you should let Israel decide for itself how best to defend its
citizens from merciless Islamic terrorists. Just this past Friday night
during the first hours of the holy day of Rosh Hashanah an Islamic
terrorist murdered a seven month old Israeli baby girl as she sat in an
infant seat next to her parents. This vicious inhuman bloodthirsty
Islamic terrorist had easy access to his intended victim--this seven month
old Jewish baby girl--because of two factors. First this Islamic
terrorist was freed from an Israeli prison only two months ago at the
insistence of your administration. Second there was a gap in the
security fence around that little girl's community that was left
incomplete also because of pressure from your administration.

Mr. President please let Israel decide for itself where it should or
should not put a wall to protect its citizens from Islamic terrorists.
Your record on deciding who Israel should keep in prison and where it
should build its security walls as the recent funeral for the seven month
old Israeli baby attests has not been very good. I would suggest you let
Israelis take care of Israeli security. That way you can concentrate on
getting your own strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan up to speed.





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