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Date: Wed 8 Oct 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Put An End To Terror

Dear Mr. President:

I urge you to support Israel in its war against Arab terror. The same Arab
terror that claimed the lives of many of our fellow Americans on September

The October 8 2003 edition of The New York Times carried two pictures
symbolic of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. There was a picture
of two smiling Arab terrorists Yasir Arafat and Ahmed Qurei hugging each
other. Below this it was the picture of another family funeral in Israel.
Five members and three generations of one family. The evil of terror
against Israel continues and the World stands by.

A few weeks ago the story was the cold blooded murder of a seven month old
Jewish child. In June there was the murder by Arabs of a seven year old
child and the maiming of her three year old sister. And there were scores
of deaths by terror in between.

We cannot allow the murderers and their leaders to assume the airs of
civility. We must end the terror wherever it exists. Israel must be
allowed to reach out to the terrorists in every place they hide whether it
is in Syria Lebanon or Iran. Enough is enough.

Respectfully yours




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