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Date: Thu 16 Oct 2003
Subject: Thanks for Support of Israel! Eliminate PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your recent fine acts supporting Israel's fight against
Islamic terror. You instructed the American Ambassador to the UN to veto
the recent biased Security Council resolution condemning Israel's right to
build defense barriers. You have publicly supported Israel's right to
defend its homeland from Islamic terror groups headquartered in Syria.
Also you have boldly and publicly placed the blame for the continuing
bloodshed in the Middle East on Arafat and his fellow PLO terrorists. You
have risen above the practice of condemning a vague "cycle of violence" or
asking "everyone" to stop the terror even though the State Department
continues using such morally obtuse circumlocutions.

All freedom-loving Americans thank you for these actions Mr. President
because we recognize they increase our security in these very dangerous
times. We understand that the Islamic terror of the PLO threatens
Americans as much as Israelis as was tragically demonstrated this week by
the PLO murder of three American security personnel in Gaza. Therefore we
ask you to continue supporting Israel's actions to physically reduce and
ultimately eliminate all Islamic terrorists and their support networks.
Because as you facilitate Israel's destruction of the PLO you thereby
enhance the security of all Americans.





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