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Date: Mon 20 Oct 2003
Subject: Protest A7 shut down! Sign online petition!

Dear VIPAC member:

Many of you have joined VIPAC as a direct result of our past advertisement
campaigns in Arutz-7. In a terrible miscarriage of justice an Israeli
court has forced A7 to end its radio broadcasts (but not its internet
A7 uses the same off shore broadcast techniques as the left wing Abie
Nathan "Peace ship" which were well tolerated by numerous Israeli
governments for decades. But A7 is held to a different standard of
justice because it is a right wing effort that broadcasts politically
inconvenient truths.

A simple easy way to express your support for A7 and opposition to this
miscarriage of Israeli justice is to add your name to the online petition

Do it now. For the sake of A7 and for all of us who dare to think speak
and write the truth as we see it.

Martin Elsant Co-chair Virtual Israel Political Action Committee




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