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Date: Thu 23 Oct 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Arab Police During the Day and Murderers at Night

Dear Sir:

This week we commemorate the deaths of two hundred and forty-one U.S.
Military personnel in Beirut Lebanon at the hands of Arab suicide
murderers. Meanwhile in Gaza Arab policemen were prevented by hundreds
of Arab civilians from arresting a suspect in the recent murders of three
American security guards. Newsweek quoted U.S. officials as saying that
they had no doubt that “militants” were deliberately targeting American
diplomats and that they probably had precise information about their route
and travel information which had been shared in advance with the Arab
police (Newsweek October 27 2003 page 39). (Whether the Arabs kill
Israelis or Americans the media appears very consistent in calling these
Arabs militants instead of murderers.)

Newsweek stated that the Israelis were not surprised by the security leak
and quoted an Israeli official as saying “many of these people have been
policemen by day and terrorists by night.” (ibid.)

All this leads me to conclude that the Arabs are not interested in
co-existence or peace. They are eager to chop off the hand of progress.
Until the Arabs get serious about peace it will not happen and I do not
think they will ever be serious about it. Israel has put its people in
grave peril by taking the risk of Oslo. The Arabs under Arafat have
rewarded this daring with murder and terror for the last ten years and
even worse the last three.

I urge you to continue to support Israel. The dream of the “road map to
peace” has been trampled by the continuing Arab evil. Whether against
Israelis or Americans the Arab aggression must be stopped.

Respectfully yours




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