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Date: Wed 29 Oct 2003
Subject: Support Israel! End US support of PLO terror state! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In a Rose Garden press conference on Tuesday October 28 you made the
following accurate statement: "I was the first President ever to have
advocated a Palestinian state." That is true. No other sitting American
president before you favored a Palestinian state. That is because they
all saw it as a source for Islamic terror to fester and grow and threaten
American security interests.

Mr. President with more of our American servicemen and women being killed
each day in Iraq by Islamic terrorists from all around the world perhaps
you should reconsider your advocacy of a PLO state. All of your
predecessors may have been right and you might be wrong. Your support
for a PLO state may be providing precisely the type of boost to Islamic
terror that your predecessors had feared and increasing the danger to our
troops in Iraq.

"I was the first President ever to have advocated a Palestinian state"
was a tragically accurate statement. Perhaps it is time for you to resume
the policy of your predecessors while they were in office. Perhaps for
the sake of our soldiers facing increasingly deadly Jihadists in Iraq you
should become the first President to confess his error in advocating a PLO
state and end the hundreds of millions of dollars that you give annually
to the PLO.





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