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Date: Thu 6 Nov 2003
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: Terror Must Be Defeated Before There Can Be Peace

Dear Mr. President:

The first step in any plan road map or path to peace is to eradicate
terrorism. Terror distorts the victims’ judgment and creates the belief on
the part of the aggressor that any objective can be obtained through the
continued use of terror.

For ten years since Oslo and in particular in the last three years the
Arabs have created an entity of terrorism corruption and incitement
called the Palestinian Authority. Uri Elitzur a former bureau chief of
the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister wrote in the October 31 2003
edition of the Jerusalem Post that “if the PA has been a swamp of
terrorism … then the Palestinian State will be a whole lake.”

For decades the Arabs have been educating their people and their children
to hate the Jew and to “mobilize towards war.” A solution to this evil is
not to compromise with terror. Terror must be eradicated the Arabs
educated to live in peace with their neighbors and then and only then can
we think about the possibility of a political solution.

Rewarding the Arabs for the decades of terror is not a solution. It is a
continuation of the problem. I urge you to continue your support of Israel
in its war against Arab terror. There can be no peace until terror is

Respectfully yours




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