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Date: Thu 13 Nov 2003
Subject: Support Israel! End U.S. subsidy of PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On June 24 2002 you publicly demanded a radical change in the
Palestinian Authority leadership. You called for a new Palestinian
leadership "not compromised by terror." But your call went unanswered by
the Palestinian Arabs. Arafat's puppet Qurei has been installed as Prime
Minister of the P.A. and Arafat has brazenly maintained complete control
of the P.A.'s armed groups.

In that same speech in the Rose Garden on June 24 2002 you went on to
say "Today Palestinian authorities are encouraging not opposing
terrorism...If Palestinians embrace democracy confront corruption and
firmly reject terror they can count on American support...This moment is
both an opportunity and a test."

The 18 months of cruel and unremitting Palestinian terror since then have
been more than sufficient to prove that the Palestinians have squandered
the opportunity and failed the test that you gave them in your Rose
Garden speech. Therefore you should stop giving them over $200 million
dollars ANNUALLY out of the U.S. taxpayer's pocket. Since Arafat's
Palestinian Authority continues to be "compromised by terror" it should
not continue to be subsidized by U.S. taxpayers' dollars.





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