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Date: Thu 20 Nov 2003
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Dear Mr. President:

Seeing what has been happening over the last few weeks I have the feeling
that we have been here before.

The Nazis attack the Jews on Kristalnacht and the World turns its cheek.
Pearl Harbor is bombed the World can no longer look the other way.

A teenage boy is murdered on an approach ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge
because he is Jewish. The parking garage of the World Trade Center is
bombed and our country quietly stands in wonder.

A Synagogue is bombed in Tunis and the World is silent. A U.S. Naval
vessel is bombed in Yemen and we wonder what we did wrong to deserve this.
The World Trade Center is destroyed and we stand in shock.

The Prime Minister of a prominent Asian country blames the Jews for the
ills of the World. Two Synagogues in Turkey are bombed. British offices
a bank and a consulate are bombed. Will the World continue to ignore the
terror? Where will the terrorists attack next?

For thousands of years the World has ignored the plight of the Jews.
History has shown us that the aggressors start with the Jews and finish
with the World: the Nazis the Crusaders and now the Arabs. We must stand
up now and stop the wanton terror. If we do not we will be next.

For years Israel has been criticized for the methods it has been forced to
use to fight terror. Today our soldiers in Iraq have been forced to use
the same methods. Our enemy is resourceful and ruthless. It fights using
methods not to our liking. That is the way of war and we are surely in
the midst of a war for the survival of our civilization.

We and the World can no longer look the other way. We can no longer stand
by quietly.

The Jews and Israel have been on the front line of this war for decades.
Our survival depends upon their winning the war against Arab terror.
There can be no Palestinian Arab state and no concession until Arab terror
has been stopped.

I urge you to support Israel.

Respectfully yours




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