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Date: Thu 27 Nov 2003
Subject: Support Israel and H.R. 3460! No US funds for PLO terror!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Please halt IMMEDIATELY all U.S. aid to the Islamic terrorists who run the
Palestinian Authority. You can take the first step in this direction by
publicly expressing your support for House Resolution 3460. This bill in
the House of Representatives conditions continued aid to Arafat's PLO on
their turning over the killers of 3 U.S. government personnel to American

Your administration has decided to impose economic sanctions against
Israel by deducting 289.5 million dollars in loan guarantees. You have
done so because you disapprove of Israel building homes and defensive
walls in its historic and Biblical heartland. I think you are mistaken to
have taken this position but you compound your error by falling to impose
any economic sanctions at all upon Arafat's PLO despite all the terrorist
crimes it has committed. If you insist on imposing penalties on Israel
for building homes for people to live why mustn't Arafat's PLO pay a
price for building bombs that make people die?

Not once has your administration interrupted or reduced its flow of funds
to the PLO despite Arafat's incessant campaign of cruel Islamic terror
which has killed and maimed thousands of innocent Israelis and Americans.
On the contrary U.S. funding for the PLO has accelerated during your
term of office. It has now reached the point where it exceeds an annual
rate of over 200 million dollars. To continue your current funding of
the PLO as if its murders of Americans and Israelis are of no consequence
is to hand the Islamic terrorists a victory they do not deserve and to
impose a defeat upon America's war against terror that it can ill afford.

Please declare your support for H. R. 3460. It is a sound first step on
the road to victory over the Islamic terror from which Israel and America
have suffered so much.





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