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Date: Thu 4 Dec 2003
Subject: Support Israel: Judenrien Arabs Accuse Israel of Apartheid

Support Israel: Judenrien Arabs Accuse Israel of Apartheid

Dear Sir:

I am very confused about the issues in the Middle East. Israel is building
a fence to protect its citizens from Arab murderers. The Arabs call this
apartheid. I call it self defense.

It has always been a tactic of aggressors such as the Nazis and the
Soviets to accuse their victims of the crimes they themselves are
perpetrating. The Arabs have persecuted and terrorized their Jewish
minorities for centuries. Within the last sixty years hundred of thousands
of Jews were forced to flee from scores of Arab countries. Large Jewish
populations moved to France Israel and the United States among other
countries. There are no Jews in Jordan. There are no Jews in Saudi Arabia.
There are very few Jews in Egypt Lebanon and Syria. I can go on and on.
The Arab countries are almost Judenrein- empty of Jews. Yet the Arabs and
their supporters claim that it is the Jews who are committing an act of
apartheid by building a fence to keep Arab murderers out of Israel.

When the Arab countries of Egypt Jordan and Syria occupied parts of
Palestine in 1948 no Jews were allowed to remain. Some Arabs who chose
to live in peace remained in Israel and became citizens. But the Israelis
are accused of “Apartheid.”

Yisrael Har'el wrote in the September 23 2003 edition of USA Today an
article promoting the right of Jews to live everywhere in Israel. "The
term Judenrein means an area cleansed of Jews" Har'el wrote. "In the
past this German concept was applied throughout Europe. Now we hear
American and other liberals saying that Jewish communities on the biblical
land of Judea and Samaria the cradle of the Jewish nation must be
emptied of all their inhabitants so that even in a Jewish homeland there
can be Judenrein areas...To drive out the Jewish community of Hebron
where the matriarchs and patriarchs of the Jewish people are buried and
King David first ruled 3000 years ago is unthinkable.

"The United States is dotted with towns named for biblical cities in
Israel: Hebron Shilo Bethlehem. But according to the terminology of many
in the U.S. press the Israeli Shilo the original one is a 'settlement'
and consequently must be cleansed of Jews.

"If someone decided to expel Jews from Shiloh Ohio or Hebron Neb. USA
TODAY might be among the first to come out against what it would likely
term racism. Why then does it support the expulsion of Jews from the
original Shilo - the Jewish one? Why are Jews living in their own homeland
considered 'an obstacle to peace'?

"...It is not the presence of Jews in the settlements that is a
provocation to Palestinians; it is the presence of Jews anywhere in Israel
on either side of the Green Line the 1949 armistice line... [The] demand
to drive Jews off their own land to create a Judenrein area in the land
of the Jews of all places is the height of hypocrisy by those who claim
to be fair-minded advocates of justice in the world."

I urge you not to be fooled by this Arab propaganda. It is not the Jews
who are racist it is the Arabs. The fence Israel is building is to
protect it from the Arab evil. We must not stand in the way of a free and
democratic Israel from protecting its citizens.

I urge you to support Israel in its war against the Arabs and their
terrorist bands.

Respectfully yours




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