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Date: Tue 9 Dec 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Don't use my money for Arafat's terrorists!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

I think you are making a terrible mistake by supplying U.S. tax dollars to
Arafat's PLO at an ever accelerating rate currently exceeding 200 million
dollars a year. The PLO uses this money to pay for suicide bombers. Your
supply of hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO makes it easier for
them to continue their campaign of Islamic terror.

Just last week on December 3 two Islamic Jihad terrorists were arrested
on their way to carry out a suicide bombing in an Israeli school at the
Yokneam commercial center. The suicide bomber - Manir Shade Mohammed
Rabia 23 is a member of the Palestinian National Security Service and
the dispatcher of the suicide bomber - Morad Hassan Diab Abu-Zeyton 20
is a member of the Palestinian National Security Service from the village
of Zbuba near Jenin. That means that both of these Islamic terrorists are
on Arafat's official Palestinian Authority payroll and therefore both
have salaries that are subsidized by your administration.

I remember when you were campaigning for the presidency you pointed out
that since American citizens pay the taxes that fund the U.S. budget that
"It's not the government's money. It's your money." And you were
absolutely right.

You are taking our money my money and giving it to Arafat who uses it to
pay the salaries of suicide bombers like those captured this Dec 3. I
object to this horrible misuse of our country's precious tax dollars. And
I am ashamed that my government continues to use my money to subsidize
Arafat's Islamic terrorists.





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