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Date: Wed 24 Dec 2003
Subject: Support Israel! Defeat PLO and end U.S. tribute to terror!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In Rome on December 11 2003 your Assistant Secretary of State David
Satterfield issued the following canard against Israel: "Israel has done
too little for far too long to advance Middle East peace." The Zionist
Organization of America and many other organizations and individuals
have strongly protested your endorsement by your silent acquiescence of
this vicious lie made by one of your administration's senior officials. I
wish to add my voice and my own expression of protest to the ZOA and
others who are outraged by this lie.

Clearly Satterfield's slur against Israel is part of your
administration's recently intensified pressure on Israel to surrender to
PLO terror. But he has it exactly backwards. It is your administration
that has done far too much for far too long to subsidize PLO terror with
U.S. tax dollars. Currently you are spending over 200 million dollars
annually on subsidizing Arafat's PLO despite their incessant campaign of
the most cruel and monstrous terror against Israel and America. More than
50 U.S. citizens have already been murdered by Arafat's recent "intifada."
And your accelerating flow of financial tribute to the PLO coffers
certainly provides no disincentive for such terror to continue.

Furthermore your financial and political support for the PLO is directly
undermining our troops in Iraq who are fighting in the front lines in
America's war for survival against Islamic terror. The Associated Press
reported on December 21 2003 that a PLO terrorist named Hassan Jamal
Suleiman died on December 11 in a suicide attack against a U.S. military
base west of Baghdad. The number of U.S. service men and women killed and
wounded in that Palestinian-led suicide attack were not mentioned. But
the A.P did report that Suleiman's father Jamal has received condolences
from representatives of various Palestinian factions.

This Palestinian suicide bomber of American troops was eulogized and
praised by the people and organizations to whom you are giving over 200
million dollars annually and to whom you wish to grant the authority and
power of a sovereign state. This is poor policy that undermines American
security in general and in particular undercuts our soldiers in Iraq.
Please stop your administration's hundreds of millions of dollars of
tribute to terror.





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