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Date: Fri 2 Jan 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Politics Has No Place in Humanitarian Causes

Dear Mr. President:

Best wishes for a happy healthy and peaceful year.

Two recent articles in The New York Times generated interesting responses
in the form of letters to the editor from that newspaper’s readers. An
article about humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Iran generated the
following letter from a reader: “I am dismayed to learn that Iran will not
accept help from Israel for those suffering from the recent earthquake. Do
food water shelter and medical supplies have religion ethnicity or

Another article regarding American soldiers injured in the Iraqi war and
its continuing aftermath generated numerous responses of true sympathy
regarding the fate of those hurt and maimed. The plight of injured
American soldiers is an American tragedy every bit as big as the Israeli
tragedy of the thousands of wounded by the Arab war on the Jews.

We Americans are extremely sensitive to the plight of the downtrodden and
have tried not to allow politics to taint our moral values. The treatment
that the current Iranian regime accorded our diplomats during their
revolution did not and will not make us any less sensitive to their
disasters. The Iranian government’s nuclear program and its potential
threat to the security of our country and allies is not a consideration in
our offering aid.

The insensitivity displayed by the Iranian Government toward their own
citizens by allowing politics to take precedence over the saving of lives
is hard for our “western” minds to understand. But we must realize that
this is the mindset of the enemy we are facing in Iran Iraq and
Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.

The Iranian Mullahs Al-Queida and Arafat’s PLO are all insensitive to
the human factor. To achieve their aims they will not only murder
innocent civilians in America and elsewhere but will sacrifice their own

Arab teenagers are encouraged to commit suicide murderer to further
political aims. Mothers eagerly sacrifice their children in order to
murder other children. Terrorists commit suicide in order to kill
thousands at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon. It is no surprise
that politics is placed ahead of humanitarian aid. We are facing an enemy
that cares little for the safety and wellbeing of their own people let
alone for those it has declared as the “infidel enemy”.

Now more than ever before we have much in common with Israel: An enemy
that wants to kill our citizens and to destroy our societies. We have
experienced the murder of innocent civilians on 9/11. Israel has been
experiencing the senseless murder of its children for the past ten years.

We cannot afford to compromise with enemies who are insensitive to basic
humanitarian issues. We must stand together with Israel against Iran and
their Arab allies.

Respectfully yours




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