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Date: Thu 15 Jan 2004
Subject: (VIPAC): Support Israel - Put an End to Arab Terror and Violence

Dear Sir:

The news from the Middle East today is once again disturbing: a bus bombed
in Iraq; a human bomb murderer in Israel. The evil being perpetrated in
the world by radical Islam and other radical Arabs is taking a path toward
more violence and terror.

These Arabs are determined to commit terror against their people and
terror against their neighbors. But we are their neighbors too. Traveling
thousands of miles was once a long process. Today traveling the thousands
of miles to points within the Middle East can take less than twelve hours.
The violence that started in Israel can come to our shores as 9/11 proved.
We sent our soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq to stop it and we must help
Israel stop it too.

Creating another Arab state within Israelís borders is not an answer. That
is a reward for a people bent on committing terror and murder and a
punishment for a democratic people. To place an Arab state within Israel
would jeopardize history. The Jews have lived in Israel continuously for
thousands of years. To deny that fact is akin to denying that World War II
ever took place.

Arab radicals have taken over the Palestinian Arab cause. The leaders of
Islamic Jihad and Hamas have openly declared that their aim to bring
radical Islam to the people of the World. To provide them with a state is
only giving them a platform to continue their war for world dominance.
First they want to destroy Israel and then the rest of the free world.

I urge you to continue your support of Israel and to put an end to the
misguided attempt to create an Arab state within its borders.

Respectfully yours




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