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Date: Thu 5 Feb 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Claims of Jewish Apartheid and Terror are Just a Diversion from Arab Evil

Dear Sir:

Recent claims by the Arabs of Jewish and Israeli “Apartheid” are just a
part of a conspiracy to divert attention from the terror and war being
conducted by the Arabs against Israel. History contains many instances
were the aggressor accuses the victim of the crimes the aggressor is

In Exodus Chapter 7 verse 9 Pharaoh says to Moses and Aaron “Provide for
yourselves a wonder.” Moses and Aaron are trying to convince Pharaoh that
the plagues will be descending upon Egypt with a fury. Why does Pharaoh
ask that a sign be provided to Moses and Aaron? Pharaoh should be asking
for Moses and Aaron to show him a sign that they are speaking the truth.
Rabbi David Goldwasser in his book “Something to Say” explains that
Pharaoh’s demand reveals the true nature of the wicked. Not only do the
evil refuse to believe in the truth they try to cause the good to doubt

While he was using oil money to buy weapons and influence Sadam Hussein
blames the poverty of his country on America. The Iranian Mullahs blame
the world’s ills on the evil West as they withhold basic freedoms from
their people and spread terror in the form of Hezbollah and others
throughout the Middle East and the World.

Arafat blames Israel for causing poverty throughout his “Palestinian
domain” while he steals hundreds of millions from American and European

Arafat’s security advisor Jibril Rajoub condemns Palestinian suicide
bombings but says that Israel invites such actions through its army's
military operations in Gaza and the West Bank. Those operations occur
because Israel is trying to protect its citizens from suicide bombers.

Arafat and the Arabs claim Israel is committing apartheid. But there are
no Jews to speak of in most of the Arab countries and Arafat wants no Jews
in Palestine.

I seem to remember Hitler accusing the Poles of starting World War II as
he invaded their country. And he killed Jews because he claimed they were
the evil aggressors. The Arabs are making the same claims about the US and

I urge you to support Israel and to disregard the Arab lies and evil
propaganda Against Israel and the Jews. Do not let the Arabs and their
terrorists deter democracy.

Respectfully yours




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