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Date: Fri 10 Dec 1999
Subject: Support Israel not PLO crimes! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

The PLO is currently breaking--repeatedly and in a very public fashion--its
key commitments to the peace agreements it signed with Israel. Your
administration has been a cosigner and sponsor of these agreements. For you
and your administration to maintain a neutral position in the face of these
violations is to betray the integrity that should accompany a commitment of
the United States government.

The PLO is exceeding the limits it agreed to for its police/army and you are
silent. The PLO is refusing to hand over to Israel and to the CIA the
illegal weapons which it promised to relinquish and you are silent. The PLO
refuses to extradite the murderers of Israelis and Americans refuses to stop
its anti-Jewish campaign of hatred in its school books and public press
refuses to dismantle its terrorist infrastructure--all of which it promised
to do--and you are silent. Such silence sir is not benign because it
encourages the PLO to maintain its belligerency towards Israel. In fact
your administration's silence on these issues is a malignant silence since it
makes another bloody war in the Middle East more likely.

Please stop your administration's silent acquiescence of the PLO's crimes and
violations of peace agreements. Instead please defend the American values
of honesty justice and truth by publicly and repeatedly condemning the PLO's
policy of racial hatred treachery and war preparation. And in keeping with
the basic American value of supporting what is right and good please
vigorously support Israel's right to secure borders in its historical and
Biblical homeland in Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights.


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