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Date: Wed 11 Feb 2004
Subject: Support Israel! End $200 million for PLO terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Thursday January 29 a 24 year old Palestinian Authority policeman
from Bethlehem named Ali Ja'arah blew himself up on a bus in Jerusalem.
He killed 11 innocent Israelis and severely wounded many others. As an
official P.A. policeman this homicide bomber's salary came from the
Palestinian Authority which your administration funds at a rate exceeding
200 million dollars annually. I think you should express your outrage at
this ongoing Islamic terror by ending all U.S. funding of the PLO.

That would not only be the ethical course but a politically advantageous
course as well. If you were bold enough to say you had tried but failed
to wean the PLO away from its terrorist ways and that you were therefore
not going to send the PLO another dime you would likely be attacked by
Senator Kerry for doing so. And that would give you a wonderful political

You could then campaign along the following line and be supported by the
vast majority of American voters: Do you want over 200 million dollars of
your hard earned tax dollars to go to Arafat's reign of Islamic terror
each year or not? If you want those hundreds of millions to continue to
flow Arafat's way and for the salaries of future homicide bombers to be
paid on time vote for Kerry. If you want it to stop vote for me.

You would have the more popular side of that question and that could
provide you your margin of victory in a close electoral contest this
November. There is so much for you to gain and so little for you to
lose by cutting off all U.S funding of the PLO. Why not do it now?





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