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Date: Thu 19 Feb 2004
Subject: Why I Support Israel is Why You Should Support Israel!

Dear Sir:

I support Israel because it is a democratic country. Israel has been the
Jewish homeland for thousands of years and today Israel provides refuge
for the world’s Jewish population. During the past 150 years millions of
Jews have moved to Israel as a consequence of massacres and persecution in
Europe Russia and the Arab countries. When the Jews arrived they bought
land cleared swamps and rehabilitated a land that had been dormant under
the Ottoman Turks for centuries.

Israel is a land similar to ours: Built by pioneers reclaimed by sweat
and developed for the benefit of its people. We have much in common with
Israel and that is why we are obligated to support this country in its war
against the Arabs.

Our country has refused to buckle under Arab terror of September 11. We
cannot allow Israel to be ravaged by the same terror.

That is why I support Israel and why you should too.

Respectfully yours




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