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Date: Sun 22 Feb 2004
Subject: Support Israel! Demand cosponsorship of HR 1823 & 3460!

Dear VIPAC member:

This week instead of writing the White House we are asking you to
contact your congressman and demand cosponsorship for legislation (H.R.
1823 and H.R. 3460) ending U.S. aid to the PLO. The phone number for the
congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. Just give them the name of
your congressman and they will connect you. If you don't know who your
congressman is go to and enter your
five digit zip code followed by its four digit suffix and you will find
the name of your representative.

Suggested phone message to your representative:

On Thursday January 29 2004 a 24 year old Palestinian Authority
policeman from Bethlehem named Ali Ja'arah blew himself up on a bus in
Jerusalem. He killed 11 innocent Israelis and severely wounded many
others. As an official P.A. policeman this homicide bomber's salary came
from the Palestinian Authority which the U.S. funds at a rate exceeding
200 million dollars annually. As my congressional representative I think
you should express your outrage at this ongoing Islamic terror by ending
all U.S. funding of the PLO. By cosponsoring HR 1823 and HR 3460 you can
help make sure that U.S. tax dollars no longer find their way into the
paychecks of PLO homicide bombers.

Details of HR 1823 and HR 3460 are given below. Any member of the House
of Representatives can be a cosponsor of these pieces of legislation so
don't accept any brush offs claiming your representative does not have the
appropriate committee assignments to be a cosponsor. Firmly but politely
point out the truth: if your congressman does not cosponsor this
legislation then he is making sure that the salaries of the homicide
bombers continue to be paid on time with the help of your tax dollars.

Today February 22 another PLO homicide bomber from Arafat's Fatah
murdered 8 people on the number 14 bus in Jerusalem and seriously injured
dozens more. This is another horrible example of your tax dollars at work
since the U.S. continues to send over $200 million each year to the
Palestinian Authority. This is a particularly critical moment to pressure
our representatives to end all U.S. funding of PLO atrocities.

Call 202-224-3121 & demand your congressman cosponsor HR 1823 & 3460 THIS

Title: To prohibit United States assistance for the Palestinian Authority
and for programs projects and activities in the West Bank and Gaza.
Sponsor: Rep Weiner Anthony D. [NY-9] (introduced 4/11/2003)
Cosponsors: 1
Latest Major Action: 4/11/2003 Referred to House committee. Status:
Referred to the House Committee on International Relations. COSPONSORS(1)
Rep Carson Brad - 6/3/2003 [OK-2]

Title: To prohibit assistance to be provided to the Palestinian Authority
and the Palestinian people until the perpetrators or suspected
perpetrators of the killings of United States citizens in Gaza on October
15 2003 are surrendered to the United States Government.
Sponsor: Rep Flake Jeff [AZ-6] (introduced 11/6/2003) Cosponsors: 3
Latest Major Action: 11/6/2003 Referred to House committee. Status:
Referred to the House Committee on International Relations. COSPONSORS(3)
ALPHABETICAL Rep Ramstad Jim - 2/3/2004 [MN-3] Rep Souder Mark E. -
2/3/2004 [IN-3] Rep Weiner Anthony D. - 2/3/2004 [NY-9]

Call 202-224-3121 & demand your congressman cosponsor HR 1823 & 3460 TODAY!!

And in keeping with our VIPAC tradition of directing email to the White
House we also suggest you sent a short note based on the suggested phone
message to the White House asking the president and vice president to
support these pieces of legislation as well.




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