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Date: Fri 27 Feb 2004
Subject: Problem with the VIPAC list.

Dear VIPAC Member

Over the past seven years the VIPAC mailing list has been solely dedicated
to petitioning the US government to support the state of Israel. We are
committed to maintaining the privacy of the list and your right to receive
emails spam free.

Perhaps partially due to our success and our size we are often the target
of hackers spammers and other nefarious characters. Unfortunately earlier
in the week someone was able to slip through our defenses and send a virus
laden email to the list. Please be assured that the hole has been
identified and corrected and we are confident this will not happen again.

Please accept our apologize and we look forward to working with you to
continue our billion byte march on Washington.

Mendy B
VIPAC Webmaster

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