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Date: Tue 9 Mar 2004
Subject: We Apologize

Dear VIPAC Member:

Over the last week we have had a number of problems with our email. We
have been told by a number of our members that there has been a virus
attached to our email. Please know that we never send out attachments.
Also know that if you send us any attachments we do not open them. These
are basic security precautions that we practice in order to keep our
computers as well as your computers safe.

In trying to shut down the source of the virus we accidentally forward
mail that we had been receiving to our members. Please be assured that our
mailing list is secure no one has received it and no one will be spamming
you from our list.

A number of you have suggested that the source of the problem is someone
hacking into our system. More likely it is one of us who accidentally sent
one of the viruses that are running around the computer world to our
server which in turn sent it out to our list. Over the next few weeks we
will carefully check to make sure that we are "clean."

We ask you to be patient while we investigate the source of this problem.
Do not let this matter dissuade you from writing letters to our
governmental representatives in support of Israel. This year more than
ever before our voices of support are vitally important to Israel.

Best wishes for a joyous Purim holiday.

Marty and Moish
Virtual Israel Political Action Committee

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