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Date: Tue 9 Mar 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Prevent Arab humiliation of Jews

Dear Sir:

The World is very concerned about Palestinian Arabs who are being
"humiliated" by Israeli security measures that are designed to try to
prevent the murder of innocent civilians. In contrast Jonathan Mark in
the Jewish Week March 27 2004 "ůsees Arab humiliation of the Jews who
are not allowed to safely visit their holy places or send a child to
school without fearing for his or her life. Somehow there is no
humiliation in the idea that Palestinians may live in Israel but no Jew
may live in Palestine."

The idea that Arabs have a right to live in the West Bank of Israel more
properly called by its biblical names of Judea and Samaria to the
exclusion of the Jews is hypocritical. The idea that the Jews are living
on Arab lands is a mistake. Jews reclaimed uninhabitable and disease
filled swamp land built cities on sand dunes and farms in the desert.
What the Arabs and Turks had abandoned for centuries the Jews rebuilt.
Now that there is industry and commerce the Arabs want the Jews out. This
has been their idea for over sixty years.

I recently saw a statistic that there are over seventy thousand
Palestinians in the US and most of them are Christian. Not only do the
Islamic Arabs want the Jews out of Israel they want the Christians to
leave too. The Arabs are pushing the Christians out of Israel and Lebanon
and are intent on pushing the Jews out too.

It is time to recognize who is trying to humiliate whom. I urge you to
support the right of the Jews to live throughout Israel within the Green
line Aza and in Judea and Samaria. Arab propaganda and actions cannot be
allowed to humiliate the Jews.

Respectfully yours

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