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Date: Thu 18 Mar 2004
Subject: Support Israel not PLO kid-killers! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

There is no crime too dastardly for Arafat's Palestinian's to commit.
This Monday March 15 in Nablus they loaded the backpack of an 11 year
old boy named Abdullah Quran with an explosive belt--hiding it under his
Spiderman doll--and offered him a pile of U.S. dollars to smuggle it
through the Israeli military checkpoint and deliver it to a PLO suicide
bomber waiting for it on the other side. An alert Israeli soldier at that
checkpoint which your administration has repeatedly demanded that Israel
dismantle noticed the unusually heavy backpack on the small boy and
discovered the lethal package.

The PLO terrorists who were watching the boy through binoculars realized
that that their primary objective had been thwarted. They then resorted
to their backup plan and called the cell phone in the boy's back pack to
detonate the bomb in order to kill the Arab boy and the Israeli guards
next to him. Thanks to Divine intervention the cell phone trigger
mechanism malfunctioned and no one was killed.

Mr. President this incident is an ugly microcosm of the problem with your
Middle East policy. Notice how it all started with a pile of U.S. dollars
in the hands of PLO terrorists that provided the incentive for the boy to
transport the bomb. Your policy of sending over 200 million dollars each
year to the PLO facilitates such incentives for terrorism. Please end all
U.S. funding of the PLO immediately to reduce their ability to slaughter
more Arabs and Jews.

And please demand Israel increase their checkpoints throughout all of
Judea Samaria and Gaza so that the bombs that continue to be sponsored
by the European Union and Islamic extremists can be as harmlessly
eliminated as the one 11 year old Abdul Quran carried in Nablus this past





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