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Date: Thu 1 Apr 2004
Subject: Support Israel and Save U.S.! No dollars for Arafat!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

In Faluja Iraq on Wednesday March 31 four American civilians were
ambushed murdered and their bodies mutilated and publicly dragged
through the streets as throngs of cheering Iraqis applauded and encouraged
these atrocities. This is the same ugly scene of hatred displayed when
two Israelis where publicly murdered and disemboweled in Ramallah by
cheering crowds of Palestinian Arabs.

Mr. President please acknowledge the obvious. Islamist extremists are so
cruel and vicious that they cannot peacefully coexist with any democracy
whether it be Israeli American or Iraqi. These Islamist extremists are
people who need to be defeated not subsidized. So please end your 200
million dollar annual subsidy of Arafat's PLO and send Islamist
extremists everywhere a message that America will not tolerate Islamist
extremists anywhere.

Because if we continue to tolerate and subsidize the Palestinian
Authority's infrastructure of terror the price we pay will be more than
the 200 million dollars you send to Arafat each year. The incalculable
loss of American blood and prestige as happened in Faluja this Wednesday
will be repeated until we decide to triumph over and no longer tolerate
Islamist terror.





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