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Date: Thu 8 Apr 2004
Subject: Support Israel: The War in Iraq and the War in Israel are Against a Common Enemy

Dear Mr. President:

The new leader of Hamas declared his support for the Iraqi militias
attacking coalition forces by declaring: “We are with you as you fight the
enemies of Islam.” Once again the Arabs living in Israel Gaza and the
West Bank have declared their allegiance to America’s enemies. Leaders of
Hezbollah and the mentors in Iran have openly and clandestinely supported
these attacks on our forces as well as attacks against Israel.

Our enemies in Iraq have challenged our attempt to install democratic
institutions in that country by attacking the soldiers civilians and aid
workers carrying out the Coalition rebuilding effort. The recent abduction
of three Japanese civilians who are being used to blackmail our Japanese
allies is most contemptible and in the same spirit as the murder of Daniel
Pearl. The murder and the desecration of the remains of four Americans are
a reenactment of the early days of the current Arab intifada against
Israel. The attacks in Iraq have been supported and encouraged by the
participants of the Arab war against Israel.

The efforts of the Western countries to force Israel to give in to Arab
terror have encouraged the illegal Iraqi militias to attack our forces.
The recent images of Iraqi civilians attacking our forces with rocks
reminded me of the pictures from Israel of Arabs similarly attacking Jews.
Israel is our friend and ally in our war against Al Queida and other
terror Organizations. Its enemies have danced with joy at the news of the
9/11 attacks they have celebrated the murder of Americans and have
encouraged and supported our enemies. So called Palestinian Arabs have
been in the forefront of those foreigners who have entered Iraq to wage
war on the Coalition.

We must defeat terror whether it is in America Spain and Iraq. We must
attack the roots of this terror whether it is in Afghanistan Iraq Iran
and Syria or in the Arab areas of Israel.

We must support Israel in its war against the Arabs. To turn against one’s
friend is to support one’s enemy. To force Israel to be blackmailed by
Arab terror is seen by our enemies as a source of encouragement in their
fight against America.

Respectfully ours

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