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Date: Thu 15 Apr 2004
Subject: Support Israel with actions not empty words! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Over the recent Passover holy days ten massive PLO terrorist attacks were
thwarted by Israel. The people ordering and carrying out those attacks
are on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority which you subsidize at an
annual rate exceeding 200 million dollars. You should stop all your
political and financial support for the Palestinian Authority because of
their ongoing involvement in horrific terrorist actions and plots.

But in your recent joint appearance with Prime Minister Sharon of Israel
instead of declaring an end to U.S. funding of the terrorist PLO you
offered to increase it. This does not purchase influence in the PLO that
will turn them from their terrorist ways. Quite the opposite. It rewards
their past terrorism and provides positive reinforcement for it to
continue at an accelerated rate.

And rather than influencing the PLO you are influencing your own
administration to tolerate terror. You cannot admit--either publicly or
privately--that you are paying off terrorists. Therefore you are forced
to pretend that Palestinian Authority terrorism is either not that bad or
not that prevalent or not existent depending on the day's headlines.
The dollars you send them don't bind the Palestinian Authority's bloody
hands from further acts of terror but do blind your administration's eyes
to the horror of the terror your administration is sponsoring.

Please stop your fiscal and political support of the Palestinian
Administration's reign of terror. That way your words of support for
Israel will not be empty of meaning but instead be backed by meaningful





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