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Date: Thu 22 Apr 2004
Subject: Support Israel: Thank You for Your Support Against Arab Terror

Dear Mr. President:

I sincerely thank you for your recent speech in support of Israel and its
search for Middle East peace. After over 100 years of war and aggression
the Arabs still refuse to acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist
as a homeland for the Jews. Until the Arabs in the area accept the
presence and legitimacy of Israel there will be no chance for peace.

In a recent letter to the editor of The New York Times dated April 17
2004 Benny Morris wrote: “I fear that the Palestinians want all of
Palestine. That is why they rejected the Clinton-Barak proposals in 2000
as they did the Peel Commission proposals in 1937 and the United Nations
partition resolution in 1947 and insist on the refugees’ ‘right of return’
to Israel which would spell instant death for the Jewish state.

The Middle East peace process did not just ‘collapse’ …it was bombed and
bludgeoned and knife to death by Yasir Arafat.”

The continuing Arab attacks against the citizens of Israel the racist
discrimination by the Moslems against Jews and Christian Arabs and
Palestinian Arab support of attacks against America and Europe indicate
that these Arabs are not receptive to a peaceful solution. Until their
attitudes change it will be counter productive to support the
establishment of another Arab state in Palestine.

I applaud your support of Israel and urge you to end all support of the

Respectfully yours

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