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Date: Thu 6 May 2004
Subject: Support Israel not PLO massacre of Hatuel family!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On Thursday May 6 with King Abdullah of Jordan at your side you said:
"I told His Majesty I will shortly send (Palestinian Authority Prime
Minister) Mr. Qurei a letter that will explain my views. And we will
expand dialogue between the United States and the Palestinians." King
Abdullah said he was encouraged by your statement. But many American
citizens myself included were dismayed by the prospect of closer ties
between your administration and Arafat's criminal and corrupt Palestinian

Earlier this same week on Monday May 3 two Palestinian terrorists in
Gaza killed a pregnant Israeli woman and her four daughters ages 2 to 11
in a roadside ambush. The expectant mother's name was Tali Hatuel and The
New York Times reported that after the initial burst of gunfire "Mrs.
Hatuel lost control of the car veering off the road into the sand. At
least one attacker approached the stalled car and fatally shot everyone
inside at close range." This vicious extermination of the Hatuel family
including the pointblank murder of their two year old baby girl strapped
in her infant seat was praised the next day by the Palestinian
Administration's official radio station.

Mr. President you have appropriately and repeatedly apologized for the
abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of Americans even though not one
limb was broken and not one drop of blood spilled. But Mr. Qurei the
prime minister of the Palestinian Authority felt no urge to condemn or
apologize for the much more deadly and vicious murder of the mother and
four daugters and the unborn baby boy of the Hatuel family by
Palestinians. On the contrary Mr. Qurei's official radio station praised
their mass murder.

You are wrong to send letters to "expand dialogue" with Mr. Qurei or any
other members of the criminal Palestinian Authority. For the hundreds of
terrorist acts directly perpetrated and paid for by the Palestinian
Authority and the many more they have encouraged and praised such as the
recent massacre of the Hatuel family you should end all contact
dialogue and financial support for Arafat's PLO puppets.

You should have a greater respect for American public opinion which will
never forget the images of Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11.
And you should be less servile to Jordanian and other Muslim monarchs who
lack the character to condemn and apologize for the crescendo of crimes of
unimaginable cruelty committed by their Palestinian brethren.





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